About Us

BASE Logistics, LLC (BASE) headquartered in the Greater New Orleans Area, provides planned solutions to the logistical challenges associated with emergency restoration operations. Our proactive and quality measured processes have proven effective in more than 100 events since 1998.

Our core business segment is in the electric utility industry. BASE counts several of the largest producers and distributors of commercial and residential electricity as customers. Additionally, we support governmental agencies tasked with managing emergency situations.

BASE commits logistical requirements to a written plan that identifies the resources and processes required to support deployed personnel and documents implementation timelines. Each plan is individually designed to compliment our customer's operating strategy. This approach allows for support that enhances the customer's ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

BASE manages an extensive network of high quality, customer-focused service and product providers. This network includes the mobile resources necessary to establish self-contained staging sites for positioning the workforce in close proximity to the affected area(s).

Vendors are strategically located throughout North America to effect quick and reliable response times. BASE maintains and continually expands the network to ensure its capability.

Our structure allows BASE to target vendors to specific customer needs allowing for superior, cost effective support. This flexibility is crucial to securing optimal support for personnel assigned to the restoration effort.

BASE's personnel are experienced, well trained and highly motivated, we are acutely aware of logistics' role in restoration operations and stay focused on the task at hand. Additionally, our team truly understands the value of efficient logistics to the overall success of the restoration event.

Our mission is to reduce the timeline of an event with efficient, cost efficient logistical support. Experience confirms our ability and continuous improvement methods ensure our future capability.