Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Base Logistics, L. L. C. provide?   

For information about our services, please visit the Services section of our web site.

Why outsource Logistics?

In today's environment, businesses are reluctant to commit the resources required to develop and maintain effective response logistics. Because logistics greatly affects the length and quality of an emergency response, outsourcing provides a viable, cost effective option.

How can BASE meet our needs?

BASE specializes in emergency response logistics. We understand what it takes to effectively support personnel in difficult situations. The processes we've developed have proven effective in over one hundred (100) emergency response events.

Why is BASE limited -asset based?

Our philosophy is to provide the best possible solution for the situation at hand. Because we are not tied to major capital investments, we are able to select the best application, from multiple resources, to meet specific requirements.

Can I engage BASE for specific resources?

Yes. Base offers a myriad of services to our customers relating to a storm response. We can readily provide any or all of the services and products requested.

Can Base scale their response to suit our job requirements?

Yes, BASE offers scalable solutions and plans unique to every costumer on an as needed basis.

Who/What industry can utilize BASE?

Any business; private, public, or governmental agencies can utilize BASE’s services.  While our primary clients are electric utility companies, we frequently support a wide array of businesses, including but not limited to; state and local governments, medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, first responders, telecommunication companies and the transportation industry, as well as petroleum companies.

How does BASE handle multiple events and customers simultaneously?

BASE is able to respond to simultaneous events by having an extensive nationwide vendor network in place.  BASE maintains a central incident command center, capable of deploying the assets closest to the event, while also placing experienced personnel with each customer, to provide guidance unique to their situation.

How does BASE’s location affect their response time?

Our pre-qualified national vendor network allows us to deploy assets that are as close to the affected area as possible, without being affected themselves by the event.

What is BASE’s  greatest asset?

BASE’s personnel are experienced, well trained and highly motivated.  We are acutely aware of logistics’ role in restoration operations and stay focused on the task at hand.  Additionally, our team truly understands the value of efficient logistics to the overall success of the restoration event.  Our staff includes personnel with vast experience in the fields of Transportation, Food Services and Catering, Electrical Utility Management, Travel Accommodations, Hotel/Restaurant/and Tourism, Finance/Management, and Accounting.